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Eleanor is on her way to Panama!

Hi there everyone! A quick one to share the latest news. First and foremost, Eleanor is finally underway!! Alex and Pete left Palm Beach this morning. If you want to know where they are you can check their Spot page here: Nacho and I spent the last month up there with them and it […]

No more fucks to give

When life is lived to the fullest, it should be a constant lesson. Every day should be an adventure and an opportunity to become better and more whole, so that we can also improve life on this planet for all beings who live on it. The journey is hopefully about becoming more balanced and less […]

Meanwhile on Splendid…

Hi there everyone! As you know, Alex is back on Eleanor in the States, and Nacho and I are in Panama. I thought you might be interested in looking at the changes Splendid has been going through. Last year, during those crazy four days since the time we found Eleanor on Ebay until the end […]

A dog’s life

I can’t speak for other Latin people but where I come from, “vida de perros” (a dog’s life) is generally used to describe hardship. I wonder whether this is so or whether I have always used the expression wrongly, but there are so many street dogs in Latin America, many of them skinny and sick, that it […]


Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote something here. I can’t really explain what happened, I honestly don’t know. I’ve been traveling a lot to see family and friends, we’ve been busy as usual, Splendid is really over the hill now and getting prettier and ready to take off, a […]

Dream BIG

Things are changing very rapidly. Splendid is finally getting ready. A new website with a new concept is about to be launched. Alex and I are married for the first time. Life seems to have suddenly taken some cool speed; it’s as if an amazing gust of wind had lifted us and is pushing us […]

I’m back : )

Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to write something for so many weeks… but you know what happened? A JOB happened. Once you unplug, “work” sucks hahaa it really does though. Since the day I met Alex almost two years ago now, I kept a record of what we did every single day on pieces of […]

The beautiful people

Hi, I’m back. I’ve been thinking a lot and I’d like to share it with you. There’s something I have discovered during these last few months and it is that more and more young people (usually couples) are coming out to live full-time on their sailboats. People from everywhere! Spain, Brazil, France, the States… And […]

Get in touch!

Hi everyone! Long time no see again. I’m just back from another trip back to Argentina. I love my country, my family, my friends… I love being back on Splendid too, of course. And even though this means that wherever I am there are people and places I miss, it also means that I always […]

Recipes are for food

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have commented, shared your ideas and questions with me. I have a strong personality, I am very passionate when I communicate and find it very hard to be polite. I’d like to apologize if any of you feel I’ve been rude to you. It […]

Living the dream

Hi there everyone! I’m back : ) It’s been a crazy couple of weeks: first I visited my brother in the States (my dad met us there as well) and then my mom came with her husband to spend a few days on Splendid. I love seeing my family, things were not always perfect but […]

The trial period

So, July has finally arrived and what a loaded month it is this year. I turned 37 on the 11th, it was our six-month anniversary on the 12th and Alex turned 47 on the 14th. But it is also the last month of my tourist visa in Panama and the end of our trial period. […]

The Blue Lagoon

I remember watching this film as a child in awe. I dreamt about swimming and twirling in turquoise waters like that, away from crowds, schools, timetables; eating coconuts, fruit, fish, seaweed; drinking water from the stream. I dreamt about sleeping in a straw hut and spending all day in the water and resting under the […]

Time to go sailing!

Oh, the time has finally come! We’re off to Kuna Yala either tomorrow or the next day. It’s exciting and there’s the bitter-sweet taste of facing new adventures while saying goodbye to very special friends and memories in Puerto Lindo. Whether Alex and I stay together for a long time or not, this will always […]

HoMe EcOnOmIcS

I know I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, like an annoying salesperson, but man am I excited about this new lifestyle I’ve just discovered! I guess I’ll have negative things to say later but right now it’s all yeeeepeee and yahooo and hurraaaay… Apart from the delights of our daily life floating […]

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