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Happy New Year

Like so many, as the new year approaches, I find myself reflecting upon time.

2018 marks 15 years of freedom for me, and 28 years of sailing. I left the United States on a little 28′ sailboat (Namaste) in 2003 to sail around the world. And 15 years later, not having sailed around the world, I realize how much of a success this has been. After  a single-handed crossing of the Pacific I don’t feel the need to compete, justify, or tout my abilities as a sailor. My confidence is clear to me and I don’t feel I have anything to prove anymore.

I’ve seen so many men finish a circumnavigation only to return to the workplace, and the grind they were trying to escape in the first place. I always wounder how they could after experiencing the ultimate freedom of drifting through time on a sailboat. Money I guess, or perhaps their dreams were more sweet than the reality, who knows?

All know is I’m so grateful to have found the strength to set foot upon the world, to travel, to love, and to open my eyes no matter how dim, or bright the light. And the truth is, I’m just no good in society. I don’t play well with others as I’m always trying to reach farther, grasping at my dreams. I don’t know how to settle, not just yet at least.

For now Carla and I will outfit Eleanor for extended voyaging. We are talking about a Europe trip, but I have the feeling we will just get lost in the Pacific again as there are too many rules to abide by otherwise. The western world is just too loud for us. Insurance, police, protests, shootings, wars, politics, healthcare, tax cuts, blah, blah, blah.

My plan is to really unplug soon. I will keep HF radio, and email via HF radio to stay in touch with family and close friends, and that’s it. I’m tired of networks, bandwidth, looking for deals on the latest phones, and having to pay to have the loud signal of society bore into my brain as I get older. All I aspire to have is what I have now: Love, freedom, health. I am truly a rich man!

I quit blogging a year or so ago because I realized that my journey and path are my own. I’m glad I made Project BlueSphere and my sailing films however I’m finding it difficult to keep them online. My website seems to be under attack all the time and my host is always trying to hit me up for more money to protect it. At some point I’m going to have to let go of it all as I don’t want to be attacked anymore, or live in the fear, or with the expense, that it will undoubtedly happen again?

I’ve said it thousands of times throughout my blogging carrier. The world is a beautiful and safe place. For those of you who dream of a life sailing the world, start your journey by turning off the television and getting your information from people you trust. Actually social media is becoming just as bad if not worse, I’d get rid of it too or surely edit your feed to protect yourself from all the nonsense. Find your own signal. The one you make with your family and friends, and nurture it into a peaceful philosophy to live by.

Happy New Years everyone.


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