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okay, so I’m writing a blog!

I’m sitting in a magaritaville (Panama city airport) and about to fly to Argentina for three weeks. I’m drinking a few Guinness and decided to write a blog.

As most of my know I write from my heart. I don’t give a shit about generating hits, money, or fame from my blogs, and I’ve been so uninspired since my country voted Trump into office. “uninspired” is an understatement, I’m ashamed! Oh wait, the people didn’t vote Trump into office, he lost by almost three MILLION votes? Don’t get me wrong I didn’t like Hillary but is this really where we are now? Is this “Democracy” ? Build your walls, and have your wars, the truth is its not my place to have an opinion anymore, I quit! My place in this crazy world is to live free and provide the same environment for my beautiful wife. We have obtained our Panamanian residency and Call Panama home now so knock yourself out.

I’m not blogging lately because I’ve lost the connection to my audience. I’m hoping to reconnect and inspire some people with my film “The Minimalist Sailor” which we will release next year. The script is good and we have already won a number of awards for story. It is always my agenda to inspire men who truly seek freedom to find it.

I miss you guys and blogging a few times a week, but the truth is I need to hear from you too? Where is everyone?

All I can say is I Love my wife, boat, and dog. I have no agenda to have money, land, or position. I don’t want walls boarders, hate, or segregation.

Peace my friends,

I hope everyone finds what they are looking for.



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Updated: September 1, 2017 — 13:39

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  1. You’ve summed up my feelings very well. I never thought I’d call myself an ex-pat, but I now find the description irresistible. Have another Guinness, or three, and keep writing. We miss hearing your thoughts!

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