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It’s been so long since I’ve been blogging regularly I don’t really know where, or more importantly, how to begin.

Every time I sit down to write a blog, the first thing I do is come up with a blog title. The title of my blog shapes my words, gives me inspiration, and helps me plot the course of my thoughts and ideas.  I still sit down a few times a week to write a blog but every time I try and think of a blog title, the same one keeps popping in to my head, “Goodbye”.

I’ve lost connection, and I’m not talking about bandwidth.

When I set out to spend a life at sea fourteen years ago it was for freedom, real freedom. Not the American/Western idea of freedom where one is enslaved to credit cards, debt, bills, social responsibility, opinions, or chasing dollars, or keeping up with the Joneses. And when I started blogging it wasn’t for money or notoriety. It was simply to take other men on my journey searching for freedom, and perhaps to inspire them to do the same.

Fourteen years later I can safely say that I am free, and I found so much more than I was looking for.

While most of my readers are concerned with blue or black lives, who stands or sits during an anthem, or what bathroom a transvestite should use I’m living a peaceful life in Parisise swinging from my hammock, that’s my reality. I wake up when my body tells me to and my day is shaped by the weather and the natural world around me. I don’t need the distractions of nonsense in my life. This morning it’s cloudy and I find that I can manage a few, very hard to find, words for my blog.

Carla is sleeping peacefully with Nacho in the aft cabin and all is right as rain. No Muslims are attacking me, I don’t have Zika, and I’m not concerned with what color (red or blue) of criminal my fellow Americans decide to elect as their next president. My heart and thoughts are clean this morning. I don’t socially participate in Facebook anymore as it was really bringing me down, and I’m focused on the people directly connected to my life. As a result I’ve lost my connection to my readership.

I don’t know if I can continue blogging. The truth is, if you really are concerned with building walls, where people pee, and drawing lines in the sand I don’t want you to read my words as you are the problem! If you are more concerned with your own opinions, supporting a 2-party system, not educating or caring for the needy and less fortunate, I don’t have time for you. I’m not, nor have I ever tried to connect with sheep. I’m only concerned in connecting with real-men who want out of the system. If you’re just going to dream about sailing I’m not really interested to let you into my life or provide you any sort of entertainment.

If you really are struggling with how to get out of the system and are serious about pulling the plug, even if you don’t have a dime to your name, I’m here to share my energy with you. I’m here to answer questions, emails, and to share my life with you. If you are interested please contact me through email or

Also my creative energy has shifted to my filmmaking efforts. I’ve been writing full time for the last 18 months or  so. “The Minimalist Sailor” (feature film project) demands most of my creative time. I also find it very difficult to shift gears writing fiction back to reality blogging.

I think this blog will post to Facebook. If you have something to say please take the time to comment at as I don’t like communicating through Facebook. Or simply email me (alexdorsey at gmail) I’m sure you can figure out to replace “at” with @ and add a .com to the end of my email address.

Peace, Love and Coconuts

Sail far and live slowly.

– alex








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Updated: September 25, 2016 — 11:06


  1. Nice. Heartfelt. Authentic.
    I’m still off FB for now as well and a personal news blackout.
    The way has been cleared for writing and taking care of my body and soul; all the things I should have been doing instead anyway.


  2. I feel ya brother. I’ve been wanting to get back into a regular writing habit.

    I need to get out soon. Getting caught up in the frenzy of this batshit insane election is making me lose my nerve. I’m tempted to cash out my 401k and take off, without all the windvane, new sails, and other crap that is holding me back. I’m sick of all of it.

  3. It’s important for me to see you guys get out of the country and start exploring the world on your westie 32’s :)

  4. You can find a windvane for under a grand, do you really need new sails? Mine are ugly as hell but functional. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    1. Yeah I do need new sails unfortunately. Especially the main. It’s unravelling at the seams and badly sun damaged. I could probably get away with a set of used headsails though. I’m close though man. I’m still shooting for late 2017/early 2018 as my original plan set out.

      We’ll anchor out together yet!

  5. Hello Alex, Carla and Nacho,
    I have been following your journey from a long time ago, I still have your videos and watch them regularly, I am from Portugal but I live in Toronto, Canada. I glance at your website once in a while and really enjoy reading your input also Carla’s and Ryan’s too. I never got used to the American/Canadian way of life, I worked hard and saved,avoided debt, never had a flashy car (I’m on my 3rd Jeep) and invested in the Philippines where my wife is from. I too long for a stress free life and and things are happening in that direction. Anyways just wanted to lrt you guys know that there is still someone who thinks that you are important and enjoys your vision. Can’t wait for the Minimalist sailor. Best regards. Luis.

  6. I read an awesome book last year. This Chinese microscopic photographer was asked by the author psychology researcher to take pictures of ice crystal formations while people spoke and channeled the energy of the word or phrase written on the water glass specimen. Like happy, sad, beautiful, ugly…etc. The findings were interesting. Perfect original amazing crystal formations formed in positive phrases, while not so amazing formations were created from the negative terms. In the same lab, same seat, the only variable was the word

    It only has taken me 50 years to learn this principal in my personal life, oops. I agree with your new path, fb is not for me. Here is sit wonderfully content in the same chair I used to constantly judge and whine in, who would of thunk.

    If this is goodbye, then Thankyou for the adveture, it was awesome. For you mainly, I hope a different crystal final blog may come? Again, thankyou, even though I never sailed, I felt like I did.

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