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Welcome to Jamaica mon !

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog, I figure it’s high-time!
I’m sitting in the international airport in Kingston Jamaica waiting for Carla to arrive in a few hours. The past months have been a blur of boat projects and sailing. All I can say about Eleanor (Westsail 42) is WOW, what an amazing boat! She has exceeded my exceptions in so many ways. She is comfortable, fast, and stable.
My buddy Pete has been with me for the last 5 weeks and has sailed with me from West Palm Beach Florida to Port Antonio, Jamaica. He has been a great first mate, not to mention friend and fellow filmmaker. We have talked about The Minimalist Sailor in depth and he helped me shoot a scene in Florida, looks great!!!
We crossed the Gulf Stream from WPB to White Sand Ridge Bahamas and sailed over the bank for Abaco. My alternator/water pump belt failed in the Gulf Stream and my new temperature alarm failed to sound. I smelled coolant from the cockpit and ran below to the engine room only to find an overheating Perkins spewing coolant but running smoothly. I shut down the engine, changed the belt, and luckily didn’t need to replace the head gasket :)
I wasn’t planning on checking in, or visiting Bahamas but my alternator also failed and I had to pull into Marsh Harbor where I was greeted by an old friend who helped me get the alternator fixed the same day, thanks Barry!
After sailing out of Marsh Harbor, we anchored at San Salvador island for a night, then South to the Crooked Islands.  After getting a weather window for the Windward Passage (between Cuba and Haiti) we set sail for Panama. The weather in the Caribbean had other plans for Eleanor though and forced a stop in Jamaica.
Unfortunately Pete ran out of time and had to fly back to California today. Pete just bought a WestSail 32 and will be setting off on his own soon. Good news is Carla is flying in today and will sail home to Panama on Eleanor. 
There is a tropical wave passing through the Caribbean over the next few days and unfortunately the wind collapses behind it for a week so our sailing opportunity dissolves. Looks like a 600 mile motor boat ride for us. I can’t really complain because once it’s over Eleanor is finally home!
Once home my efforts are shifting to The Minimalist Sailor and I’m swapping my captain’s hat for my director’s one. I’m so excited to make this film as is Carla.
Carla and I will spend the next week doing a few boat projects, drinking Blue Mountain coffee in the Blue Mountains and swimming in the Blue Lagoon. Jamaica is such a beautiful country it will bring tears to my eyes to leave it in my wake for the third time.
So many people focus on the negative aspects of Jamaica but he truth is it is a country rich in hospitality, warm smiles, respect, music, and Love. There is an energy to Jamaica that is unique and passionate only to Jamaica.
Well I’m off to get Carla at the gate, then we have a three hour drive back to Port Antinio around the eastern part of the Island.
Sending everyone good vibes from Jamaica mon ;)


Sail far and live Slowly.
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Updated: May 21, 2016 — 18:28


  1. Awesome! Godspeed amigo. (Love that picture on the Trinka)

  2. Ahhh… It’s been a while. Good. You guys are doing just fine. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch. It’s been one heck of a season. Good and bad. I’ve had some very special people pass on around me. I’ve sailed some great places and now I just got a reminder that as I get older, I got, well complacent in local waters. I smacked a marker and got hung up.

    I’ve been told that it happens, but in 44 years of sailing, I’ve never had that happen. Wen’t down to flip on the nav lights and cut the solar and on the way back up, BANG… I was hung up on a marker.

    Coast guard came out, evacuated the carter guests. Broke the mizen mast and rigging. Bad call on my part. I get it. No injuries, but I’m red in the cheeks. Now on the hard and down for a while during the process of rebuilding the mess. Dang it.

    I’m good. Learned a lot… Again. And will be back on the water in a month or so. The search for a mast is on.

    Love you guys. Hope to see you soon. Have a great motor/sail/ sail and we’ll be in touch.

    Best to Carla, Pop and Nacho…

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea.
    “The adventure continues…”

  3. Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve completely forgotten how to navigate docks. I hut the government dock in Marsh Harbor and ripped off a three foot section of the cap rail. The only way not to have any accidents is not to go anywhere. In Jamaica now waiting for weather to sail back to Panama. Stay safe, Alex.

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