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Cruisin’ Around Aransas Bay

I bought a GoPro Hero4 Silver for my trip to Annapolis.  Since I didn’t do any sailing on that trip, I had to come home and take Lorilee out for a stroll.  I got to try out my new tanbark Drifter too.   The next video will have some music, but until then check it out!

Fair Winds!

– Ryan

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Updated: February 18, 2016 — 09:21


  1. Wow Ryan what an amazing stunning day and what a lovely gorgeous boat you have there! You look so happy and proud, so in love with her. She’s majestic.

    Why don’t you add some of your own guitar music? Or some of your brother’s? :)

    I’m so jealous i can’t wait to sail Eleanor I still haven’t! Not once!!! Alex is leaving in 18 days and I go three weeks after! Our sail down begins around April 4ish from Miami where Todd is with his brand new Westsail 32 as well, Emma, see if you can join us for a bit!

    Much love and a million kudos to you, Ryan. Sometimes you just have to go for it! All it takes is that first leap. Then life gets wings.

    1. Thanks Carla :) I’m so excited for you and Alex. Finally making the move!!! I’ll do what I can to join you guys. I’ve been holding on to some vacation time just for this trip!

  2. Great video Ryan. Let us know if you have or do start a youtube channel. Would love to follow your adventure as well. The crew of The Cayman Jewel.

    1. Thank you! If I start actively doing YouTube videos, I’ll be sure to share them here. I’ll keep writing too!

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