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The move

TMSposterI haven’t been blogging much because 100% of my creative energy has been diverted to writing, and making The Minimalist Sailor (The movie). I have a solid first draft of the script (120 pages), and we are planning to go into production in July of this year.

As some of you know I’ve been a film-maker my entire adult life. Both of my parents were actors, and I grew up in the entertainment industry.

I left Hollywood after my distributor stole over $850,000 from my company on a film I produced and directed, which not only broke me financially, but more importantly, broke my dreams of continuing my carrier as a film maker.

When I left California I spent a year in Canada and ended up buying Namaste in New England and sailed her half-way around the world. During that time I made the two documentary style Project BlueSphere films which I now give away for free.

SplendidI’m flying to Florida in a month to get Eleanor and sail her back to Panama. Carla and I will finally be able to move into our new home and put Splendid up for sale. Splendid is looking great by the way with her new bottom and hull paint :)

I’ve also made a few changes to Project Bluesphere. Please check out your profile page. Truthfully I’m getting tired of Facebook and will build a more intuitive community here at Project BlueSphere where it will become more of an active social network of like-minded voyaging sailors. I’m planning on all users to have their own wall and personal blog page, should be fun?

So much for today guys.

Sail far and live slowly.

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Updated: February 10, 2016 — 10:20


  1. At the end of the road, adventure begins. Like your movie cover quote, just my version is all. Why is life that way? Hardship a ticket to freedom. Who came up with that deal, right? U got ur ticket bro, and I’ve got mine. Have enjoyed the journey for years, not giving up on u now, can tell ur in bust balls mode. Me too. I bet it pays off. Keep on keeping on, shoot me an email when boat available…

  2. Excited to see the movie. Popcorn is ready. Thanks for all you have shared over the years. We have sold everything and now living aboard our Vagabond 47. In the process of renovating her in hope to take off in a year. Its all your fault. :o) FYI our CSY 33 is up for sale so we can pay for the renovations on the Vagabond. Send anyone you know looking our way.

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