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Splendid V2.0

Big haul-outunnamed (8)
Splendid is at the beauty parlor and getting pampered.
Our haul-out is going well. As you know we will be selling Splendid soon and I want her right when we do sell her. I’ve pulled the engine and transmission. The engine runs perfect (compression) but had a few little leeks. She is getting an entire new seal and gasket kit, and being upgraded to Teflon seals to ensure a long life of drip-less running. I’m also installing a clutch and seal kit in the transmission and repainting everything. When I pulled the engine I also found it a good time to repaint the engine room it will look fantastic!!!!
unnamed (7)I’ve also sanded all the previous bottom paint off which was no easy task and took 3 days of full time (2 men) sanding, outch! I’m putting on a new thick barrier coat and 5 gallons of bottom paint.
The hull and toe rail are also getting a fresh coat of paint as are the decks and cabin house. When we put Splendid on the market she will have a completely new paint job inside and out, fresh engine overhaul, and will be ready to guide her new owners through whatever dreams they have for her.
unnamed (9)My dad is doing well in Panama, as is his rescue puppy Lucky.
I’ve finished the first draft of “The Minimalist Sailor” and producing this indi-film is what is taking all my thoughts these days. Carla is also excited as she is in charge of the music, and my dad is excited as its a good project for us to do together and he is looking forward to acting again.
We have been living in the beach-house with dad these past few weeks as the boat yard gets infested with noseeums and mosquitos early in the morning and early evening.
The laid-back life on my hammock on the deck of Splendid seems so far away these days. Been sooooooooo busy, good stuff though. I’m looking forward to sailing Eleanor home soon.

Sail far and live slowly.
Alex Dorsey
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Updated: November 19, 2015 — 09:11

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  1. Alex, Carla, Nacho and Pop…

    Sounds like life is life down there as well as everywhere. This is a good shot of your Dad. Dad’s are pretty special and It’s been 6 years since mine moved on and he’s still missed.

    Just checking in with you and everyone there. Be safe. Continue the magic that you do so well and stay in touch.

    I’ll continue to put my efforts into Panacea and continue to sail the coast up here. If Trump takes office, that’s when the dock lines get cut and I’m out a here. lol

    Give my best to everyone…

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

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