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I’m a slacker!

unnamed (5)Since the beginning of Project Bluesphere I’ve never gone this long without writing a blog, arrrgggg!.
The reason I’ve turned into such a slacker is that I’m waste-deep in writing “The Minimalist Sailor” script.
The main character is a blogger who lives in New York City. After loosing his day-job, he travels to Florida to fix up his parents old sailboat in order to sell it six years after their tragic, and fatal auto accident.
Our main character grew up spending vacations and summers with his father aboard their boat but lost interest after collage and focusing on the “real” world.
After restoring the old-boat he decides to go cruising as no new job opportunities present themselves. After only a month at sea his best friend scores them a large contract and our main character decides to return to the matrix and get back to work.
unnamed (6)During his sail back to Florida he his hit by a freighter while sleeping at the helm. He is stranded at sea with only his rowing dinghy and no oars. He floats at sea living on rainwater for nearly a month. After extreme exposure, and inches from death, he is rescued by an old sailor who is well into his 80’s. The old man teaches our main character the ways of The Minimalist Sailor during their long journey back to civilization.
The old man dies at the end of the 3rd act leaving his boat to our main character along with a book he has been working on his whole life which outlines the path to simple life at sea.
Our main character becomes The Minimalist Sailor and chooses to live simply off of the ocean.
unnamed (3)I’m starting production this coming January in New York, Florida, and will be filming through the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia, and Panama. The first and half of the 2nd act will be produced between January and March. The rest of the film will be completed here in Panama.
So I must apologize for not writing more often but my creative efforts are tightly focused on my script at the moment.
Carla is working hard on paint and varnish, and today I put a new bank of batteries in the boat (6x6v), and changed the filters on the watermaker.
Peace from Panama.
Sail Far and Live Slowly
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  1. Well Alex, Carla, Pop and Nacho great to see the keyboard clicking.

    I know how mixed energies go. As soon as the daily project ends, then a sail, then CellGrasp, then garlic, then magic… Whew! Lists continue and priorities change. What fun huh?

    I read a book one time called Multiple Streams of Income. I guess I should have read it to the end. Maybe there was something about doing 3 max. Focus. What a bunch of crap. But it works none of them give me full support, but with them all, we continue to fix things on Panacea. I guess it’s all good, but the days of putting my feet up and sipping a rum something at sunset are few and far between.

    Well keep on rockin’… It sounds great. Take good care of each other and I’ll carve out some time, sometime to put our knees under the same table. Let me know when you get to Florida.

    Sail on Captain… Sail on.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

    1. We are going to make the best of this time with Dad and get projects done. We are hauling out on Friday. Going to re-barrier coat Splendid, change my t-hulls, paint the hull and bottom. I also have to replace my rear seal as i’m leaking some oil, messy :(

      The film project is something Carla and Dad are also excited about. Carla is in charge of the music and really having fun, and my dad plays the old man, cant wait to make it happen :)

      Lets get together before I sail Eleanor down here. I was thinking December but the Christmas winds are still blowing hard then. When do the cold fronts usually die-out, i’ll be looking for a good cold-front to get me from Florida as far as I can ride it east before heading for the windward passage?

  2. The fronts start to wane a bit in April and vanish late in May. Of course, the weather is a little screwy this past year. We had June weather in April and so forth. Things are changing. So it’s making it tougher to predict anything. I just make a decision, check all my weather sources, hoist sail and roll the dice.

    Stay busy. Live life and enjoy your Dad. Your living a good life.

    My best to Carla, Nacho and Pop

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  3. I disagree!! You are not a slacker. Are you kidding bro? You have accomplished .ore than most men, and you’re young!!! Snap out dude. Ive had to tell myself that many a day, so dont take it personally, but sometimes i have to do a reality check, ya know? Breathe in, let it out. You are still a hero to folks like me. Yea, the course veared a bit, so fn’ what!!!! Is life simply not an adventure? Great things will come, that’s what keeps me going. The next day. I cant wait till that big old westsail hits a foreign island, and it will happen. Do the next right thing my friend. Coconuts

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