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Strange dayzzzz!

On a ferry with my Land Cruiser :)

This is the longest I’ve ever gone in BlueSphere history without writing a blog, sorry :( I founnd a little time to write this morning as I’m on a ferry crossing from Almirante to Bocas Del Torro Panama (two hours).

As most of you know I promised to replant my father on a beach as opposed to a “home” in the states, or leaving him in Okeechobee Florida which he hated. He had been sick, he has a pace-maker, and his doctor told me we should focus on “quality”, and not “quantity” of life. The past months have been stressful, fun, exciting, and exhausting. All the elements of a true adventure! My father and I have had a hard time forging a decent relationship throughout our lives, but it seems now we are managing just fine now.

We got to Panama just in time for Carla’s 40th birthday, and my 50th birthday which proceeded just a few days after Carla’s. 50 was a big deal for me, well for everyone I guess, and I must say I’m where I want to be in my life!

My dad bought us a collective birthday present. He bought Carla and I a 2000 Toyota J105 Land Cruiser. The  J105 is a rare breed and was only produced for the Russian, African, Austraillian, and South American markets with the 4.2 liter 1HZ I6 diseal engine. When Toyota moved to the J100 series (1998-2007) from the J80 series (1990-1997) they put a turbo on their diseal engines and went to independent suspension. Two things the J80 owners, and serious off roaders were pretty upset about. Toyota then released the J105, and what a beauty she is! I’ve had a lot of jeeps in my life, but never such an off-road machine as this. I’m having a snorkel added as I almost got water into the air intake crossing a river a few days ago, it was deeper than I thought ;)

What a sweet ride!

Dad and I have been on a road trip exploring Panama over the last weeks. We are looking for a place on a beach to build him a small humble home. We may have found the perfect little lot right in front of two beautiful surf breaks in Bocas Del Torro. Bocas is a good choice for us as We can bring Splendid here, finish her restoration and sell her. Then after hurricane season I can sail Eleanor down and continue chartering while keeping an eye on my dad as he finishes his life in a hammock reading his kindle on the beach.

Ive retained an attorney for my father to make sure all goes well with the purchase of the property. He will also get dad his residence in Panama so he can live here full time. As it turns out I can also get residency which will be nice, I won’t have to screw around with my visa every 6 months :)

I think we will stay in Bocas until Carla returnes from Argentina on the 6th. I’ll have her fly to Bocas to see the Property and stay with Dad while I return to Linton to get Splendid and sail her here. I found a really cheap yard here where I can haul out, and do a bottom job and spray the hull.

Peace, Love, and Coconuts.

Sail far and live slowly.


– alex

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  1. Very cool time in your life indeed! Sweet ride !

    I may be completely wrong, but I believe Nike Steiger of White Spot Pirates fame is in the Bocas area, but I think she’s prepping to head for Columbia.

  2. Thanks guys, she is a sweet ride ;)

    I don’t know who Nike Steiger of White Spot Pirates is?

  3. Alex, Carla, Dad & Nacho:

    Just checking in. I’ve been crazy busy. Just did a bottom job. working on leaks. Always. I’ll go to the next post and I’ll be caught up.

    My best from Florida.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

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