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A corporate decision

FullSizeRenderI wont be sailing to Panama this season.

A number of factors have helped me make my decision, most importantly, my father wants to move to Panama.

When I told him we could do it in 6 months or so, and he replied “6 months is a long time when your 83”, I made my decision. I’ve become really close to my father for the first time. We are both strong-willed and hard-headed men, friendship has always been difficult. This is a really good time for us and I’m giving it priority.

He doesn’t want to go to a home, assisted living, or stay where he is. The truth is on his retirement he could afford an “average” assisted-living home in America. But in Panama he can easily afford much better care and personal assistance, his insurance is good there and his money will stretch much farther. I also need to get him away from American food, he loves to eat garbage.

His biggest dream is just to be surrounded by nature where he can watch birds, monkeys, and have a dog. I’ve already found him a rental in Bocas  Del Torro where I plan to have him is 3 weeks. I’ll move Splendid close to him in Bocas, and bring Eleanor down after the hurricane season. I’ll find him someone full-time to cook, clean, and watch after him.

Carla and I have been planning to move to Bocas for a while anyway. It’s a good place for us to charter and we both want to focus on surfing for a while. I’m turning 50 in July and Carla is turning 40 just a few days before me. I’ve drastically changed my diet (zero sugar, low carb, and no dairy or processed foods) about 4 months ago.  I also want to bring my physical activities up a few notches. Surfing is damn good fun and great exercise. Accompanied with my yoga, I plan to live a long, full, and healthy life with my wife in Paradise!

I’m also hoping that Carla can join me for our trip to Panama after hurricane season. She hasn’t even laid eyes on Eleanor yet. I’m also going a bit crazy without my wife, I miss her so bad it hurts, two and a half months is far too long for a couple to be apart. We both enjoy doing our own things but this kind of separation is too long for the both of us.

That’s it for today. I’m crazy busy with all the new plans.

Sail far and live slowly.

– alex

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Updated: June 9, 2015 — 09:00


  1. Wow!

    Your reconnection with your father never would have happened if Eleanor hadn’t gone up for bid and you hadn’t decided to bid on her with all the associated “unknowns” of making such a leap.

    Call it serendipity, karma, God whatever…if I have learned anything as I’ve aged it is that I am always better off listening to my inner voice and trusting it even when I have no rational reason to do so.

    Terrific news Alex. You are a blessed man.

    Paul A.

  2. Sorry to hear that Eleanor won’t make it south in time, but I think you’ve made the right call. It’s wonderful that you’ve reconnected with your dad. I respect you so much for making this decision. A more selfish person would’ve kept pressing on.


    – Ryan

    p.s. I should have a couple of weeks off in December if you need crew. ;)

  3. Ditto Paul a. Thru all my crapola down the trail, the common denominator was god has a plan. Or I’d be aw awall, wherever that is. My father passed 15 years ago, and if I had ur opportunity, no brainer bro. The boat will float just fine. Love the adventure u have endured , should be proud, press on.

  4. Thanks guys, I’m really happy with the way everything is going, feel like i’m on an amusement park ride :), Live is great and i will be reunited with my bonnie lass soon !!!!

  5. Not sure where you’ll be keeping her, as I mentioned Indiantown Marina is pretty cheap as marinas go, and it’s a neat little place! If you need help with anything, I’m off on weekends about an hour and change south here in lovely Fort Lauderdale, and labor is free.

    I am really excited for you that you and your dad are connecting in such a wonderful way. You deserve all the happiness!

  6. Well Alex… Life is an every changing thing. No worries though. You’ll do what you have to do and move on to the next part of the journey.

    Yes. The separation is way to long. You do need to get back to Carla, Splendid and Nacho. Congratulations on the connection with your Dad. There’s nothing better. My Dad was a great guy and a good boater and fisherman. Taught me a lot about the sea. So yes, nurture that relationship too.

    I lost mine a while back and he wanted to be set to sea, so I flew him to FL and my sister wants to be here when I spread the ashes. So at the moment he’s in a cupboard on Panacea. If she doesn’t get back here soon, I’ve told her that I’ll put him in my next batch of non-skid. He was a boat guy with a great sense of humor. So until then, we toast together now and then.

    Well keep me posted on your schedule and maybe we can get our knees under the same table. It’s the rainy season. I noticed more water in my bilge this evening and the bilge pump quit. Tomorrows project. The list is long right now.

    Give my best to Carla.

    Be safe my friend.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  7. I’m glad you’re not chancing the weather gods. It’s too late in the season. Where will you put up Eleanor? I live in the Fort Myers area (my boat is at Glades until later in the season.) If you’re in the hood and need a place to stay or if you need anything, let me know. All the best…


  8. Well, I finally have Carla and Nacho back :) My Dad flew them here as a gift, and to help with the move to Panama.

    I’ll be hauling out soon, I’m glad not to be stressing about the hurricanes, one seems to be developing now and the risk is just too high.

    Thanks for the offers of help, Im taking some time off the projects for the moment and will start back up in October/November. I have to get home and focus on selling Splendid, its a whole other level of stress having two boats :(

    Capt Paul, for sure we need to get together. Do you ever come to this side of Florida? Maybe we can meet in the keys later in the year before I hop off and we can share an anchorage and a few glasses?

    BTW, Carla LOVES Eleanor :)

  9. Were did you haul the boat. Were are you staying. We are back from the Bahamas.. would like to hook up

  10. Hi Alex? You seem to have a lot going on these days. When does the big 50 come up?

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