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What a ride!

IMG_0750 I’ve just dropped the hook up at the top of the Delaware bay, just south of the C&D canal which connects the Delaware and Chesapeake bays.

I’ve slept less than an hour in the past 36, but I must share my thoughts tonight.

I met up with a sailing friend on Monday who pulled into Atlantic Highlands for the night. He also presented me with a gift, a 75lb CQR, I was really looking for a second anchor for this trip and I’m really grateful for the extra security. He had picked some clams for dinner from the beach. They were wonderful, but out of the 4 of us that ate them, I got shellfish poisoning and spent all day Tuesday sick as a dog! I wanted to cry as delays have really gotten me down and I need to get home. When I woke up the following morning I was still weak, but highly motivated.

IMG_0868I had a great time in Atlantic Highlands and made some new friends (Dale & Erica), thanks for the laughs guys :) The Jersey shore really can be a wonderful place and seems a million miles away from the big city even though Manhattan is in sight.

We left Atlantic Highlands NJ Wednesday at about 2pm. It was blowing hard 25-30, gusting to 35 and over. The wind however was from the right direction and we had one small window to sail to the Delaware. The wind was a bit hot for a shakedown; the maiden sail of Eleanor.

When we rounded Sandy hook and got into the Atlantic ocean away from the currents of New York harbor. I got us about a mile off the beach, raised the sails, and cut the engine.

IMG_0872Let me start off by saying the WestSail 42 is the loveliest boat I’ve ever sailed. I’ve sailed all sorts of boats from Swans, to catamarans and trimarans. I like a heavy boat that perform well, yet are still comfortable. With a double reef in my main, and a handkerchief of a jib out, it was not easy to keep Eleanor under 9knots, I was surfing just over 9 with a consistent 8-8.7 knots of speed throughout the night. I didn’t get any sleep but we made the Delaware in record time. I never did get a chance to raise the mizzen or Yankee sails and I need to have a third reef sewn into Eleanor’s mainsail. Man she likes to go, go, GO!

I pulled into Cape may for 3 hours to catch a quick nap and Todd and I motored up the Delaware this afternoon. We will be in the Chesapeake late tomorrow morning heading for Norfolk and the Intracoastal Waterway south.

IMG_0878 I LOVE ELEANOR! What a magnificent yacht. If anyone is genuinely interested I know where a very special W42 can be had for about 75k, a more than fair price!

Anyway, I’m off to forge my head to a pillow, wake up in the dark, and continue my journey back to my wife, white sand beaches, and crystal blue water.

Peace, love, and coconuts.

Sail far and live slowly.

– alex

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Updated: May 14, 2015 — 20:45
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