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dc7eMg9Gi I’m a little low this morning.

I’ve carved out a tight schedule for me to get to get home (Panama) before the onset of hurricane season.

I feel like a racing dog raring to get out of the gate, and it just wont open, ARRRGGGG!

Cruising does have a way of putting you on nature’s schedule, and if your prudent sailor, you know natures schedule trumps your own.

Well it looks like a very early tropical storm is possibly approaching the Carolinas.

I have a nice window to get to Cape May and the Delaware bay but I’m wondering if its the prudent thing to do?

There are no protected anchorages in the Delaware that I can see so I’m thinking sitting tight is the stu-ST-andrea-2007-wvright thing. I’m 90% sure I’d be fine leaving today, but there is that 10% that keeps me put. I don’t know that I want to close the distance between Eleanor and a possibly named storm (Anna)?

I cant tell you how many times the weather has assured me all was to be well, and all of a sudden change their tune to “oops”, “the storm has unexpectedly changed course” or “our previous predictions have now changed”

If you look at our spot location we are anchored in a safe place and protected by a break-wall and have good holding in mud. I’m going to make the call today at about lunch time weather or not we are sailing south today. I want to hit the hi-tide at the mouth of the Delaware bay so a noon departure is what I have calculated.

email BTW, I’m still not using Fascebook so if you want to get in touch with me please shoot me an email.



Sail far and live slowly.

– alex

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Updated: May 6, 2015 — 07:34
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