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2 ounces of gold and a plane ticket.


We Love Nacho!

When I’m not relaxing and enjoying Carla and Nacho these days, my mind wonders to the task of delivering Eleanor from New York to Panama. I only have 2-3 months to make it happen, two ounces of gold (gifts) that I have to sell, and a plane ticket. This is my mission, and I choose to accept it. I may have extreme weather and limited funds, but really have to make it happen!

The delivery is a bit complicated as I have the frozen Hudson River to deal with until April or May, and the onset of Atlantic hurricane season which technically starts June 1st. I have a flight from Panama City to Ft. Lauderdale on the 24th, and will be in New York around April 1st.

The frozen Hudson River :(

The frozen Hudson River :(

The trip is about 2,500 miles, and is further complicated by numerous factors such as the gulf stream, the ICW, and a nearly 500 mile push into the wind (east) to get around Cuba before I get a clean shot at sailing for Panama.

If I had the time I would cross the Atlantic via Bermuda, The Azores, The Canary Islands, The Cape Verde Islands, before crossing the Atlantic again for the Caribbean and Panama. That would be such a nice sail and would keep the wind behind me for most of the trip. The only problem is I’d want to take about a year covering the 7000 mile passage, and I just don’t have the time as I need to get Splendid finished and sold as soon as possible.

My route.

My route.

Carla will stay in Panama and will be varnishing and painting while I’m gone. I’m highly motivated to make this trip happen before June as I know I’ll be missing Carla desperately, not to mention the fact she has never seen Eleanor and is very excited to move aboard.

I’m starting to realize that either I don’t have all my oars in the water, or I thrive on adventure, I’d like to think a little of both :) Either way, I’ve got a large task ahead of me, and I have no alternative but to make it happen and enjoy the ride.

The better route.

The better route.

Carla is so much like me, and so different in so many ways, it really makes me smile. For the 13 years before she met me she would hop on a plane to Europe, Japan, or wherever with no money and just make an Adventure happen. She would always make friends and find a job teaching English, working in a pub, or picking rice.

Between $12-a-night hostels and cool websites like, and, this is a really good way to fill your life with travel and adventure.

Atlantic hurricanes

Atlantic hurricanes

I’m not quite as social as Carla and find this way of traveling difficult. I really want my own bed and library around. I also don’t like living on land and I’m a bit of an introvert. Minimalistic travel on a sailboat far better suits my personality.

I’m also very grateful that I’m in a relationship where we have unconditional Love and trust.

We are both very independent people and need to be able to go on walkabout when we need to.

Carla takes trips 4 or 5 times a year to visit family, and obviously I need freedom to take on projects like Eleanor that requires me to leave for months on end.

March 24th to Ft. Lauderdale $138

March 24th to Ft. Lauderdale $138

What I will miss most about being home is “the Love fest”. Every morning, and every night, Carla, Nacho, and I have a Love fest. We snuggle, play with Nacho, and just make sure to take 1/2 an hour just to enjoy each other’s company. Nacho likes playing tug-of-war with an old piece of rope, and Carla and I really enjoy just laying in each others arms as we wake up or go to sleep. Either way Nacho makes sure to get in-between us for plenty of hugs, kisses, and play time. I only have 19 days left of my time in Panama and I’m cherishing every moment before I take on this New Adventure.

I want to throw something out there. I know I have some truck driving buddies that may be able to help me with a problem. I have an old sailing buddy that has a good used roller furling and some other gear he wants to give me for Eleanor. I don’t have a drivers license and he is up by Portland which is about a 5 hour drive from Eleanor. I can’t really ship the roller furling and I’m looking for a way to get it from Maine to New York cheaply, any ideas would be great?

The sun is out and I’m off to jump in the sea.

That’s it for today guys.

Sail far and live Slowly.

– alex

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  1. Maybe you should get a drivers licence. I used to drive “Snow Birds” cars up north from Miami. They cover the gas and give you 5 days to deliver. I would take care of a few errands on the way back.

  2. Wish I could help you this go around. Not enough vacay time right now :(

  3. Ryan, no worries, I’m really enjoying seeing you on your way :)

    Andrew, a drivers license would be nice for the few months I’m in the states but I really don’t want to go through all the hassle and re-establish myself.. I like to keep it simple, all I have is my passport and no address. I use an international DL abroad, unfortunately the US doesn’t recognize it as a valid DL..

  4. Alex….Some states now give 10 year licenses…..It might be worth the effort. I may still be able to help after 4-1…..

  5. WOW. Hey Alex is a Westsail a good cruising boat?….32 westsail all new sails and rigging?????…windvane steering, ssb, refrig X 2, wind gen, solar, dingy and more

  6. Gary,

    It’s a great boat, namaste was a 28′, and my new boat is a 42, Would be perfect for you!

  7. Yo Bro…

    Just heading out the door for a couple of day sails. Business is rocking right now but it seems Panacea is wanting stuff. 2 new 4D’s and a 27 went in as well as a new Motorola 90 amp alternator. The Delco took its last poop and said, “I’m done.”

    So keep us all posted as you do so well and travel safe. I think I’ll go sailing… My best to Carla and Nacho. Continue the “Love Fests” and soak ’em all up. It truly is all about Love!


    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

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