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Sea dogs

A “sea dog” myself!

 The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, has posted a wonderful collection of historical photographs showing the range of animals sailors and travelers used to bring to sea.

Today we have Nacho aboard Splendid. He really is a great little mutt. He provides entertainment, companionship, security, and will keep any unwanted critters off the boat and out of the bilge.

Dogs at sea on sailing boats are not only tradition, but practical. The size of the dog however is important to the size of the boat. Nacho at only 12 pounds has plenty of room to run up and down the decks, as well as swim, and explore secluded beaches for fun.

We are basically letterbox training him to go on AstroTurf on the back deck. He doesn’t quite get it yet but he is getting closer to hitting his target.

He is really a lovely little creature, happy , loving, fun, and is a wire-hair so doesn’t shed, kick off my allergies, and is inherently a water-dog. 

Nacho is aware of every boat that passes and only barks when they are approaching Splendid, he has a very keen sense of radar and only sounds the alarm when appropriate. I never liked little “yappy” dogs, glad Nacho is so chill and tranquil.

Carla is traveling to Panama City today to retrieve her mother, step-father, sister, niece, and nephew. It will be a big week but I’m really looking forward to their company. 

Carla’s friend comes for a week after that, then I’ll have my dad for a week or two.

Nacho the sea dog

I’m planning to make a feature film with my dad. Both of our lives were dedicated to film. He as an actor, and I was always on the other side of the camera as a writer/producer/director. 

I’ve been focused on the script lately and I’m planning a 6k production in the not too distant future, obviously a sailing film :) it’s something I really want to do with my father, and a story I’ve been wanting to tell for quite some time.

I’m dreaming of moving aboard Eleanor with Carla and Nacho. I want to be set free from working on boats, and getting back to the business of sailing them.

The world is such a beautiful and friendly place, I want to see as much of it as I can and share it with Carla and Nacho.


Sail far and live slowly.




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  1. Lucky Nacho! What a home he has found…Does he like fish?

  2. Good Morning my friends…

    Just checking in. I haven’t forgotten you, just lost in a bunch of glitches. It is what it is sometimes and as Bob Bitchin always pounded into us, it’s “Attitude” that makes the difference. I expect things will be worked out by the end of the week.

    I’m lovin’ Nacho. Good move. I’ve got Maggie and she’s been with me for 9 years now and what a great boat dawg she is. 17 pounds of half poodle and half schnauzer. No shedding and a nice voice to let me know when people approach. She has two tones, one for strangers and one for the “Who are you.”

    It’s season up here in Florida. Charters are keeping me busy and the CellRap thing is filling in ALL of the other time. I’ll have to get you and Carla one so you can field test ’em in the tropics. Email me an address for shipping as well as what types of phones you have and what cases you use. I’ll get ’em off.

    Panacea is being pretty forgiving lately and just sailing and enjoying her 35 year old life as a cruising boat. We are in need of a new fridge, but so far thing are cool and she still holds ice cubes. She doesn’t make ’em, but will hold ’em. But the signs are there. Arrrrrrgh.

    Doing some rewiring and cleaning up well stuff as always.

    Hey don’t want to ramble here, but just wanted to say hi. We’ll be in touch. My best to both of you.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  3. Capt. Paul,
    He is the best little dog, we find ourselves playing with Him all day :)

    Hope we can connect in a few months when I return to Florida, big job getting Eleanor down here quickly, before hurricane season :)

    Carla says “hi” as I’m writing, peace brother.

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