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The Cubic Mini wood burning stove

I can’t tell you how happy I am. We are the proud new owners of a Cubic Mini wood burning stove.

I’ve put a lot of thought into what kind of heat to put on Eleanor. Propane, diesel, kerosene, and finally settled on wood.

Wood is free, clean for the environment, safe, and readily available everywhere. I can find wood to burn on most any beach I visit. But will most likely visit carpentry shops and load up on scraps of good, long-burning hard woods. You know me, I love all things minimal, and the Cubic Mini is a work of art to me!

The vision of being snuggled up next to the fire, drinking a glass of home-made wine with Carla, reading a book on Eleanor really puts a smile on my face. 

As you know Northern Europe, Greenland (in the summer), and the inside passage (north of Vancouver) are all places on our voyaging hit list. Even the Mediterranean will call for heat in the winter time. This is why we got Eleanor.

I’ll be heading back to Eleanor late in the winter to get busy prepairing for my journey to Panama. The first thing I will do is install my cubic mini!

I have to help a friend and pay off some debt by helping him build a small apartment above his garage. My mechanic was so cool to me. When I told him I was out of money he continued to work and said “we’ll figure it later”. I left him with a gold watch & band (omega) that is worth a few ounces, he didn’t want to take it, but I really hate owing anything and insisted that he hold it for me. It’s something that is important to me as my mother bought it for my father in the early 60’s, I’d like to keep it if possible. It’s too fancy for me to wear and not really practical but has some sentimental value.

I have to get the roller furling down as its frozen and go through the rig. I’m thinking about going back to a hank-on jib? There are also some ancient insulators on the backstay and I don’t trust them, need to sort them for sure.

I also have to figure some sort of autopilot, fix the shifting cables, and the engine stop switch.  

I could easily spend a month screwing around with Eleanor before I take off in early April. My goal is to be in Maimi by May. My fater may join me for some of the trip, however I’m also toying with the idea of doing the whole journey to Panama off-shore so I can save the fuel cost. That however would require me to feel fully confident in the rig before I leave which will take some time and expense. 

I had been planning to work on the rig during my trip down the ditch but I’ll have to burn 10-12 hours a day of diesel on the ICW. Whatever I do, I’m happy that the Cubic Mini will keep me company during the trip.

It’s really nice to be back on Splendid. I do find that my thoughts often wonder to Eleanor and the task ahead of me, but it is also lovely to swim in the Caribbean and lounge in my hammock.

Every day I wake up I feel that I’m the luckiest guy alive!

I’ve been having some asthma issues so I’ll be seeing a specialist in the city ($60), before I retrieve Carla and Natcho on Monday :) I’m happy to be back to a place I can afford to see a doctor, I have been putting this off a few months while I was in the states.

Eleanor really is beautiful, eah?

Sail Far and Live Slowly – alex


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  1. Is that the same one Drake Roberts has on Paragon? Nothing like kicking back near a warm fire reading a good book, or just relaxing.

  2. Who is Drake Roberts?

  3. Eleanor is a pretty girl, like the larger cabin windows. When are you thinking, ballpark, splendid will be available and the golden question, how much? I’m interested.

  4. HOLY COW!!!! YOUR BEARD IS GRAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Alex, I’ve been absent from your site for about a year or so and have since purchased and moved on my very own beautiful 1983 bayfield 32c cutter. Thanks for the years of inspirational posts and videos. I’m working on the whole minimalist thing. I got no debt, my kids are grown and moved out, and I chucked the cable and tv a few years ago. It’s truly amazing how little it takes to keep me afloat… (Ha! you see what i did there?) Folks think its amazing how i live in a small space with so few material possessions but I know how much richer I am than they are with their mortgages, car notes, and (ugh!) credit card debt.

  5. btw your new site looks great

  6. Capt. Ron, depends on the finishing we get too, I’d say somewhere around 70 with the mooring.

    My beard has been grey for a long time :)

  7. Drake and Monique are on S/V Paragon, a 42 Westsail. They are currently cruising the North Atlantic somewhere. He’s got a ton of stuff on You Tube.

    One of his videos shows him warming his toes with a wood stove they installed on Paragon. Apparently it gets cold in Iceland.

    Check him out if you’d like.

  8. I like the fact you admitted you still needed to have a foot in the system. I can work with that. I think your in a great position for minimalism. My gut tells me this is gonna be a thing soon. It’s already your life, but something in the spirit world keeps telling me there is something there.

  9. Welcome home brother…

    I’ve been WAY too busy lately with a new project and noticed I need to catch up on some stuff. You and Carla are one of ’em. I’ll drop you an email later and catch you up.

    Just wanted to say good morning and knowing all is well in paradise.

    Give Carla my best and stay in touch.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  10. Made it to AZ and bought HD Road king for transportation. Good seeing U guys in Panama.

  11. Hi, Alex my wife and I are selling all of our belongings over the next three years and enjoying a life of cruising. We have been looking at sailboats and I would like your view of catamarans.

  12. Jason,

    I don’t personally like catamarans, that is just a personal choice. For the price of a cheap production cat I would much rather look at monohulls in the 70-80′ range, I would only be interested in a boat that size for its chartering opportunities. for a small to medium size family 40-45′ monohull is more than adequate, and couples are more than comfortable on 28-34′.

    If you are stuck on a cat remember high bridge decks, and boards, boards bring some nice performance into the mix and help you up wind..

  13. Alex,

    I agree the expense is ridiculous. I haven’t been on one and I have little knowledge about them

  14. Sorry, must of hit post..

    Anyway I like the mini wood stove that would be the way to go. Some of the boats I’ve looked at on the Web had little wood stoves like that. I plan on spending some time in Alaska water (in the SUMMER) and will need a wood stove but what do you do about flew fires.

    1. dont know about flew fires?

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