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Living on a micro income?

lessismore Why would anyone choose to live on a micro income?

Living with less is something I strive to do on a daily basis.

My desire to live by minimal financial means funnily enough emerged when I was studying to be a stock broker and financial advisor.

I took, and passed, my series 7 exam which afforded me the license to professionally trade and give financial advice.

Why I put so much effort and expense into forging this second career was beyond me for many years. However, in retrospect, my knowledge of money is one of the things that ultimately set me free from it.

stock-market-quotes1 I studied full time for over a year to pass the Series 7. The exam is a 6-hour ordeal and they say it is the 3rd hardest test to pass after the Bar and the CPA exams.

Basically I studied money, how it works, and the system that regulates and controls it.

Some might think that by being a sailing bum I’m not savvy in the ways of the matrix, nothing could be farther than the truth. The truth is, I just don’t want to be a part of a system that is designed to enslave (indebt) humanity.

When I say I’m an anarchist, I mean it from my core, however most people have no idea what anarchy is and give me the evil eye when I tell them.

v74nvv37t5zsfzpepyqa Anarchy is the system that all natural things live within. It is the natural order of things, and in turn, how God (nature) intended us to live.

Freedom is the absence of control. When we spend our time working for paper (money) in order to afford basic human rights like shelter, food, and water, one can only rationalize that this is a system of slavery in every sense of the word.

Every living thing on the face of this earth has the right to breathe, eat, drink, have access to shelter, and Love. These are things that ethically should have no cost, nor should they be bought or sold. In my very humble opinion anyone in the business of buying or selling basic human rights is the problem. That goes for various government agencies, credit card companies, insurance companies, and love_land_hd_wallpapercompanies that force or brainwash (media) people to give up their freedom out of fear for what nature has provided us.

The system should work for the people with the sole objective of increasing our quality of life, not the quality of life of just a few.

Do I think we should burn the world down, no. Am I a violent man because I’m an anarchist, no! Anarchy is peace, and peace is what I believe in with every breath I take. That being said I do wish to protect my way of life, and not living in the states is the only way I know how to do that.

It physically hurts me to live in the western system. It pains me that every cup of coffee I buy, or every time I put food in my mouth I’m supporting war, murder, and the suppression of humanity.

I know so many of you are rolling your eyes right about now, but until you live out of the system and have some sort of stockmarket_0perspective you just wouldn’t understand. I didn’t either. When I left the states on my journey so long ago I considered myself a republican and had a very different view of the world that was limited to the perspective of media and conventional travel.

I had no idea what was behind the wizard’s curtain. I didn’t have poor friends, or friends that didn’t have access to basic human rights like clean drinking water. Neither did I know that I could live in paradise with my wife for $200-400 a month, catching fish, buying natural groceries from local farmers, swimming, reading and writing not having to worry about bills.

I wasn’t a good financial advisor as I directed my clients towards early retirement. My idea of a retirement income was far too humble, and the idea that one must spend their lives dedicated to the pursuit and accumulation of money just never worked for me. I was a bad financial advisor because I was not motivated by money itself and cared more about my clients and ethics, than my own income. catocolombiaI did however get into the market out of greed, I wanted more than my share and looking back cant believe I was ever like that. People can change!

My daily routine was not only filled with stress, but I was also polluting myself with “news” throughout the day, as well as keeping my eye closely on the market.

All in all I learned one thing. Money would never afford me what I truly hungered for, Love and Freedom!

I was in Costco today, shopping for food. People pushed (well got way too close in my space) to grab scraps of free food samples. I turned an isle and saw two heavy older women stealing (gorging themselves) with fresh berries from a container and hiding the carton in the pile, I got a bit upset.

“Really, you have got to be shitting me, would you like me to buy those for you? If you can’t afford the meal I don’t mind buying you some food”. They both wore finding freedomexpensive clothes and an over-abundance of repulsive perfume. “No, we were just sampling them”. I cocked my head and gave them a look of shame. “You know as well as I do you are not allowed to open packages of fresh food and sample whatever you want”, I just walked away laughing and shaking my head, they were so embarrassed as I spoke to them loudly to ensure everyone else would hear our conversation.

If you look at the menu above you will see that I have decided to give both of my films away for free. Just click on the links, watch, and enjoy. If the films provide you with some value, please feel free to make a donation.

I don’t like money or selling, I much prefer barter, support, and helping others when we are able. If I was paid for all of the help I’ve given people on their boats over the last decade I wouldn’t be so broke, but I wouldn’t have so many friends either. I’d rather have the friends!

I’m about to launch something pretty cool, “Sailor TRAKS (Totally Random Acts of KindnesS)”

Sailors reach areas of the world that most do not. In many of these areas we find people in need of a little help.

It is my intention to raise micro-donations to help people with small projects like buying a solar panel and LED light for a family so they might read at night, installing water Snoopy-Happy-Holidays-1-5Y9JWBN8F1-1024x768filtration for clean drinking water where it is needed, buying a kid a bike that might never have one, or something as simple as giving someone a $2 pair of reading glasses. I’m going to introduce small projects and people to my audience through Project BlueSphere, and with no administrative costs, assist and allow my audience to donate to projects they find worthwhile.

I’m also going to coordinate other voyaging sailboats to do the same through Sailor TRAKS, so as a community of international sailors we can plant seeds of Love during our travels and touch the world in places where some need a hand. The reality is a set of tools can change a man’s life, and to most of us, the cost of a set of tools means very little.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is instead of over consuming this holiday season,  try focusing on what is really important. Take a second to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Dance, its good for the soul!

url1The family I’m spending Christmas with has a nice alternative to spending tons of money on gifts. Everyone wraps and brings something from their homes, something they do not use. You are not allowed to spend any money. All the gifts are placed together on a table. One by one each person picks one up. If they don’t like it they can ask someone to exchange it for theirs and the other person cannot refuse. But a single present can only be traded twice, after that you’re stuck with it. Nobody knows exactly what they’re getting until the end of the game. Some will get something they like, some won’t. But those people can bring it back for the next Christmas games, which is pretty funny because some presents have been around IMG_7386 for a decade so they’re funnier every year. It’s not about the gift, it’s about sharing fun and laughter with your loved ones.

I’ll be in Miami till after Christmas. Carla may stay an extra week or two as she has an opportunity to do some canvas work in exchange for a new Profurl furling system for Eleanor (our new WestSail 42).

Also if anyone needs any help on a cruising project or delivery I’m looking for some work (or barter).

IMG_7399 When I get back to Eleanor in the late winter I will need some money for fuel and a few projects in order to make my trip South.

And some of you may have heard through the grapevine that Carla and I have adopted a new member of our family.

Nacho is a little mutt that was abandoned by my sister’s house. He was just a puppy when they found him about a year ago and his back was covered in scars from abuse. They think he was a bait dog used to train fighting dogs.

He is a happy little guy and has adopted Carla as his new master. I’m looking forward to sharing a lifetime of fun and good times with him and he will also help us keep unwanted critters off the boat and let us know if anyone approaches during the night.

Peace, Love, and Coconuts

Sail far and Live Slowly

– alex

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  1. Alex, you are a kind and generous man. I have been following you for several years. I had already made the decision to live on my boat when I found your website, but your travels were an inspiration. I’m a lot like you, though I haven’t cut all ties to my possession’s. My daughter finishes school this year and I will be cutting the dock lines.
    I hope your new TRAKS program works out. I’m the same way in that I like to help people with my mechanical skills, that is my contribution. I don’t believe in giving out money, it tends to make people lazy and dependent. I just helped a friend with an A/C problem. He had already spent close to a grand paying people to fix it, only to be told that they didn’t know what the problem was. I hate when people do each other like that. Turned out to be a simple wiring problem, go figure.

    1. Thanks, I really do like helping and inspiring people on their way, TRAKS will be cool if I can get it off the ground. Sailors have a lot of time usually, and its a good way of our community paving the way for future generations of sailors, good karma and all :)

      Peace brother

  2. If you ever need an extra pair of hands up in New York, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m outside of Philly and less than an hour away. Oh, and I’m a chef! Best. Theo

    1. What kind of Chef, specialty?

      I’ll need some help L8 winter, to get ready for my trip south in the spring :)

  3. Alex,

    Professional looking website with solid content. Thank you.

    Questions for you as I’m just curious about your ongoing sentiments tied to money. If money is the root of all evil then why do you have a donation tab on your site? Why charge for sponsorship? By what means do you justify sponsorship tied to specific subscriptions tied to your site?

    Alex, it appears to me that you prefer two ends of the dice straight up?

    Nothing personal – but having money and or the pursuit of money is not a crime, as much good can come from people who have money and offer support to those in need. I may indeed make a donation to you given the positive content you offer to people like me. Again, thank you but please stop the bashing mate as it serve to belittle your site.

    1. Morris,

      Where did I say what’s right for me is right for you, nor did I say that money is the root of all evil? I don’t think I’m bashing in any way? I have many friends with money and they are very generous people. Generous people are the kind of people I like to surround myself with.

      That being said I’m not a fan of our financial system. It’s designed to reward few, and enslave the masses. Having a source (gold, silver, widgets, or pumpkin seeds) to trade is not the issue. The issue is having a system in place where the masses have to work every day of their lives to afford basic human rights (food, shelter, water). I have a problem where people are forced to pay taxes to support war and corporate bail outs, or go to prisons that are publicly traded companies where corporate America profits by having inmates. Kind of a F’d up circle no?

      you think I “prefer two ends of the dice”? Dice have 6 ends, not two, my view is not so cut and dry M8. I think you meant burning both ends of the candle?


      1. My Brother – where on this earth do such a land exist whereby “greed” is not the chosen and preferred selection of all man kind? I recommend Milton Freedmon for you as tied to a solid lesson in Economics. Try his YouTube lesson and a dose of education he put on Phil Donohue (Socalist).

        Point being no place on earth exist whereby man do not toil to seek “more”. The key is not to choose between Prime Rib and Han Bow Bow … It’s not needing Prime Rib!

        Dice comes up with one side vertical. We cannot have two sides up mate!
        Your reference of “money” and linking with the “financial system” is off kilter. All fnancial firms are not crooked and GAP principles are not void of rules. What is at issue are the lack of means tied to accountability. We can thank politicians for that mate – not financial institutions! Hell, Barney Frank proclaimed “everyone” should own a house. This is BS, as that is like saying everyone should own a boat. Frankly, I’ve seen far too many low lives with boats mooching off others like sponge. Earn money and save for your dream to support yourself while helping those in true need is my calling. Far too many folks sponge off others and the Gov’t. Boaters included!

        As for inmates, if people break laws they need to be held accountable or we have lawless society. I reas this AM that 2 NY Police Officers were shot dead simply sitting in their vehicle. I bet brothers Al and Jesse will be in the streets protesting on behalf of their respective family’s? Not! I say rid the F’ers from society once and for all – noting this get’s rid of your issue with Corp Amercia as you refer profiting off of crime! Judge Roy Bean live long my friend! If you break laws, you pay the fine!

        The world is about peace and love – with venues such as sailing providing for such an audience. Money supports the habit – as thank God we have the opportunity in the USA to complain about such matters …

        I’ll leave you with this to ponder as your in your bunk somewhere over the high seas:

        “A fine is a tax for going something wrong. High taxes are a fine for doing something right” – Morris 12.20.14

        Merry Christmas Alex – Morris from HCMC,VN (where I live and work with very poor people all day long) …

        1. Hey Morris.

          whilst I agree that not all capitalism is bad , let’s be honest we wouldn’t have cheap secondhand boats to sail around in if somebody didn’t buy them new when they were expensive ! Certainly. Minimalist sailor couldn’t afford a new version of what they have!

          However, I do agree with Alex on one front in particular that the world is broken and fast falling down an ever deepening hole. I have worked as a managing director in a public company and rubbed shoulders with the investment banking top,brass, in fact my business partner was at one time number 2 for HSBC worldwide and the tales I’ve heard from him would make us all want to pack our bags, buy a small boat and foxtrot Oscar into the deep blue sea.

          In essence, it all starts with the screw up which is our financial system, designed by the federal reserve, sanctioned and used by the government it was floored the day it was invented and with the risk of sounding like a conspiricy theorist it is a nuclear bomb far more destructive than any terrorist group could dream up… isn’t people, even rich people that are to Blaim, it is a very small minority of financial institutions, top banking individuals that benefitted short term, it is the greed of the government to have ready funds available without any collateral that has created an iriversable, floored logic system that is going to make more people homeless and breeds an increasingly ruthless approach to dealing with your fellow man… What makes me really giggle is how simple the screw up is.

          For those not aware of how the government gets its money or why people with financial knowledge like Alex refer to the system as the matrix and like Morpheus of the same film preach a different way of life let me explain… It’s really simple.

          1) you are the government and need money to finance…well everything.
          2) you rely on funds supported by real collatral I.e. Gold., no gold no cash to buy things with, no inflation because we’re not borrowing anything, every bodies happy apart from the government who want more funds available.
          3) you are approached by a consortium of banks called the federal reserve who have a cunning plan.
          4) the plan is this…. We scrap the whole gold for cash system and instead we create something called a promissory note, basically you tell us how much cash you need and we will give you a piece of paper saying that you owe it’s that amount., no gold or security required …BUT to make it worth our while we will add interest …. And in that moment you have fucked the western world…. Why. Because if I have the only bar of chocolate in the world and it has 10 cubes and I give it to you but make you pay back 11 cubes, we have created a system where it is impossible for you to ever service your debt as you owe 11 cubes but only 10 excist… what do you do…..
          5) you have to borrow more chocolate, but in term I will charge more interest and so it goes on, the more you borrow the more interest I charge, the debt gets bigger, so to help us service this debt we have to charge the ordinary man more tax, higher inflation and on and on we go until the system grinds to a halt…. Not yet but economists actually have a predicted date for this to happen and my understanding is it is less than 25 years! That ain’t long folks….. So it’s like musical chairs only those in the system know when the music will stop and there making every move they can to look after theirs and their own which is why corporations are getting greedier and greedier….

          If you find this alarming then so you should, so finding a different way to live your life like Alex and Carla might just become necessity rather than choice in the years ahead and at the risk of sounding corny…. These guys might well be the first of our pathfinders, our explorers into the feasibility of living A different way, that’s why despit the fact that I am wealthy and still plugged into the system I and many others i know are starting to explore different ways for the future. My business is up for sale and I too will be joining the growing number of liveaboards before the music stops….

          So Alex…. Stick to your guns, keep your principles in tact and despite the fact that others want you to be a total marter and not except donations, at present total self sufficiency without finds is not quite possible ……YET….. But you are on the right path and with a little refinement my guess is you won’t need the donations for ever, your knowledge is valuable so keep on keeping on as they say.

          Live free….sail far…..

  4. Alex & Carla:

    Hey there. Nice post. Yep the money thing is a thing that has to be balanced with Pat and I. I learn so much from your thoughts and think that balance is important, at least to us. I love to share service, talents, and money. It all is discussed with our feet in the sand or planted on deck and we look at all the angles and then decisions are made. It’s a great office.

    Donating, sharing, bartering and giving are a way of our life. We love to tithe our energies and it really does come back 10 fold. The Universe works like that always, and always will and it has nothing to do with religion. It’s just people living with people, caring for nature, animals and living in gratitude, thankfulness and Love. When people ask where we’re from, we say planet Earth.

    We like it. It works for us…

    With that said, I love the TRAKS idea. We can get a PM going sometime and bounce around some ideas. I have a new project that I want to make a sustainable business. A part of each sale will go to a “boots on the ground” group that is making a difference in peoples lives and enriching the planet for future generations. We don’t want to donate to a large organization that eats up the good through administrative costs.

    In any case, THANKS for what you do.

    Gracias por todas sus penetraciones asombrosas. Le aprecio ambos.

    Our best to Carla and Nacho. Be safe my friends. It’s your blog, please write from your heart. Let your readers filter the information that works for them. You are appreciated or they wouldn’t be reading.

    Capt. Paul
    s/v Panacea

  5. Morris my humbled opinion, we all need money either we like it or not, i personally try to live using the less money possible but i have to pay taxes or pay somebody to anchor or pay to have an ID or a passport etc. etc. and that is because we live in a system that is fueled by money ( and many other evil things), i wish to be different but i can not pay with food or trade for work to the system ( i can with other people and is a great feeling).We have to turn 180 degrees and make the first step, is a very radical change to do but i’m trying very hard and i’m very happy to see other people trying and doing it to.
    Maybe one day i be able to live 100% money free, ( i have a lot to learn yet). one of my crazy goals.

    1. Money is not evil – it the way in which people use money that make it evil. Point being do not equate money with all evil in life – as it is a cop out!

  6. Tinco, i much prefer barter too, it really is a good feeling isn’t it? It would be nice to live 100% free from “money” and just trade tangible assets that actually have real value.

  7. In a way I’m living on a “micro income”. I’ve learned to be smarter with the money I spend long hours making. On the way out are the credit cards that allow me to “buy now pay later” and make me a slave to the system. When I was in my old place I shut DirecTv off after having it, and not watching it for three years. Sold the boat I wasn’t using, and hadn’t used in 7 years. It’s simply amazing how much money you have when you aren’t pissing it away. It’s also amazing how little you really need to live on.

    Granted my current landlord pays for the cable, and let me piggyback off their internet access. We have cable with nearly every channel available, and there still isn’t anything on…..other than fishing and Top Gear.

    We’ve become, in large part, a society driven by consumerism. You have to have the latest “X” and you can pay for it using credit card “Y”. I hope to be debt free within the next 12-18 months…hopefully sooner. Two years ago I was spending almost a grand a month just paying credit cards. Never ever, ever again. The world we live in today is driven by money. Get the Christmas fliers and goods out right after halloween..we have to be in the black this year. Don’t miss Black Friday…you can save 20 bucks on the piece of crap TV that we’ll be discontinuing Monday morning. George Carlin does a bit on “stuff” that is absolutely priceless. I was one of those guys. Went out and bought a thousand dollar digital camera a few years back that I still have no friggin idea how to use. My 30 year old Canon AE-1 still hasn’t let me down…and I know how to use that one!

    To some, it’s all about the money. Where you live, what you drive. I have money to go to Jeep today and buy a brand new Wrangler. At the core of my soul I want one. Then I would have to work twice as hard to pay for something that 85% of the time will be…..driving me to work!

    I too am doing my damnedest to live a simpler, more fulfilling life.

  8. Alex,
    I’m a personal chef which means I need to have a very broad cuisine aptitude. If pressed I am challenged and find the most happiness cooking ‘Whats in the Fridge’. If I get the opportunity to plan, seafood would be my fave cuisine.
    When I’m not cooking here in PA I can be found in Maui or Alaska cooking for a special client. I sail a Montgomery 23 mostly inland, but planning to be on the Chesapeake this summer at some point.

    1. For sure lets connect closer to spring! I’m really excited to get back to Eleanor and get her to Panama, some good food would be a huge bonus!!!

  9. Oh, blog is The Nautical Chef if you’re interested…

  10. Alex a heads up on importing a dog into Panama by air I was first sent to one department at the airport filled out some paper work paid a fee then was asked to pay a $147.00 fee at the airport bank, since it now past five pm. was asked to wait for an inspector on overtime to come from Panama City to check the vet.certificate final cost over $500.00 had the paperwork not been in order additional charges for quarantine time.

    1. Carla is dealing with the Panamanian embassy on what is involved to import Naco, I’m kind of staying out of it.

      Do you live in Panama?

  11. I love the minimalist concept way of life. But the whole big bad matrix stuff rubs me wrong. You have corporate sponsors on the left column of your home page. You live on a boat with thousands of parts and products manufactured by for profit companies around the world. Your website is based off this system. So, if we all hang out off islands and chill, who will work for all these benefits you enjoy? You? Not trying to be an ass, I’m just a practical minded type. Cherry picking the benefits to fit ones needs, and complaining of it at the same time confuses me.

    1. I’m always so suprised that some people can’t digest my thoughts and words. Either I don’t write well and can’t get my feelings across, or you don’t get it and you really are confused? Where did I say all companies for profit are bad. I think you should re-read the post? Sure I’d rather trade mangos for a windvane, but my sponsors are not in the business of repressing the freedom of others? Do you see me advertising for coca cola, Monsanto, or CNN? Do you in any way believe I would advertise for them for any amount of money?

      If you don’t get it, you don’t get it and that’s cool. I’m trying to inspire people to live with, and consume less. If you don’t want to that’s cool too, your business. But don’t make your business (paying for war) my business, keep it to yourself.

  12. Agree with Capt Ron – as we all live in a society (for better or worse) whereby funds are exchanged for goods and services. Far too often perhaps funds are exchanged for services that support freedom – that by the way support the likes of the Alex’s of the world to bitch and moan about society in general and all the “bad” things that Corporate Amercia do to this world. What a bunch of BS. As what has Socialism ever done for the world – as eventually Socialists run out of other people’s money! Barter sounds like the “would it not be nice crowd” – whereby we all live on some island paradise whereby no one works while no one goes without. Where is this promise land Alex? Bartering sounds good – but last time I checked the IRS do not accept barter, my local marine shop does not barter, you do not barter tied to your ads or subscriptions I bet, and god knows my boat insurance firm do not barter. What a bunch of bunk to the “would it not be nice crowd” …

    Seems to me the outcome in life did not perhaps meet expectatations and repurcussions later in life may exist – so let’s fault those that did strive for bettermeant – what ya say Alex? If someone get’s joy out of things – so what, as who the hell are you to say “they don’t get it” Alex? Who made you Chief for the day anyway. I’m off this site as your frankly a joke and not at all representative of the sailing community. Rather, you appear to be a low life that feeds off of others while biting the hand that feeds you!

    Alex, stick to what you know my Brother which is sailing. Regarding Economics, I recommend you listen to Milton Feedman vs. Phil Donohue so you may obtain a lesson in Economics and the world.

  13. Morris?

    How did we get on the topic of “socialism”? You seem to be fighting your own battle here with your own issues. If you strive for “betterment” through money enjoy it.

    “representative of the sailing community”, “Chief for the day”, your up on Christmas night trying to pick a fight with some blogger you don’t know? Doesn’t seem to me you are up for any sort of educated debate, you just seem quite bitter.

    I don’t need any lessons from Friedman (not Feedman)nor do I agree with his “Freedom through capitalism” philosophy. If you really want to talk about economics lets go for it, I’m always up for a good debate. Obviously my view of freedom and economics is quite contrary to yours. If you want to save up for your freedom go for it.

    I believe freedom is a human right.

    You know I have to approve all the comments here, and always do so we can communicate rationally, grow, and learn together. It’s not a fight for me, is a debate and when you try to belittle someone, in my humble opinion, it makes you seem quite small.

    Merry Christmas

  14. Morris,

    And by the way I barter with all of my sponsors. I do not receive and money, I exchange product for advertising, and only advertise for companies that I truly believe in, nor have I ever charged for my website over the last 12 years, my audience donates, because they enjoy the product, like one donates to support local radio or art.

    My wife and I live on less than $400 a month. We don’t have health care, insurance, credit cards or cars, and together consume less than 5 gallons a month of fossil fuel. “Cherry picking”, you have no idea what I’m about and seem like you just stumbled across my blog looking for something else.

    And I’m trying to show you “the promise land”, but if you want to exchange ideas here I think you should learn some manners.

    Have you ever lived in a anarchist society? Have you ever lived with indigenous people that have no electricity, phones, TV, police or internet? Have you ever woken up with no responsibilities in the world and just make love, hunt, work, or spend time with you friends whenever you wish? Have you ever lived in a society where children are not exposed to television, video games, or telephones? I have, still do, and it is peace. Anarchy works.

    People are meant to live in small tribes where the people can change the chief if his interest isn’t for the majority. Our police protect the government from the people, they do not serve us, and it’s mentalities like yours that put them in control.

    Blindly following laws like you suggest just because they are “legal” doesn’t really work for me as our victim-less crimes are solely devised for governments to profit from fines.

    We always chose barter over money exchanging hands, Carla, for example, is staying behind in January when I return to Panama for two weeks to do a canvas job in exchange for a new profurl.

    You can point your fingers as much as you want, I’ll still approve your comments despite the fact you try to intimidate, insult, and belittle me.

    I’m guessing you have never traveled outside of your comfort zone. I’m guessing you don’t have friends that don’t have access to food or clean water. I’m guessing you have no experience at all to point any fingers. If I’m wrong, bring it on. Let us all know who you are and what your about.

    And the blog title is living on a micro income.

  15. What type of plotter does Eleanor have?

    1. I use my ipad with the Sea IQ open app, like open CPN (same charts) but in a waterproof case and ipad :)

  16. Hi guys, I just posted a blog responding to these last comments about the bartering system and minimalism. In case you’re interested here’s the link:


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