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Off-Shore to Panama?

IMG_0296 I have my wife back and we have discovered the CORONARITA!!!!!! Who would have known one wouldn’t need to make a choice between a beer and a margarita with your fajitas?

I’ve been having a blast with my family since I’ve left New York.

I had a great time with my cousin Steve and family in Maryland, and now I’m with my sister and family in Atlanta.

Carla and I will be heading for Ft. Lauderdale on Monday, and I’ll be in Florida through Christmas. I may choose to head back to Panama before New Year’s, haven’t figured out that one yet?

imageI’m a bit nervous having two boats now especially with them being 2,500 miles apart.

I have to get Eleanor down to Panama as soon as possible where we will be safe from the grip of the system and all of the rules and expenses that are associated with it.

I’m thinking to return to New York in late winter and work in the cold as much as I can so I can do most of my trip south off-shore where I can actually sail, and not be connected to the expense of the ICW (fuel, insurance, moorings, and marinas).

img_0023Looking at the pilot charts, sailing to Bermuda first might be the way to go. It’s less distance than cruising down the ICW, but it is an off-shore passage that I would need to be prepared for. I’m filing this idea in the back of my head as a possibility if I don’t have money for fuel which wont be cheap (a few grand).

I need a new roller furling or to move back to a hank-on jib system. I prefer hank-on sails, but the downside is I would need to find a few more sails for Eleanor. I’ll have to check the used inventory at Bacon sails.

I also need to go through the rig and install the Flemmig wind vane that came with Eleanor. I have the Global Auxiliary Rudder model, SO COOL, I’m really looking forward to this voyage!


I have to talk about food for a minute.

How is it we live in the richest country in the world and people eat the worst crap imaginable? I know why, the population is forced to work too hard.

I know its probably just me but I find it absurd that Pepsi-Cola actually advertises that it’s made with “real sugar” now. How far off the path of nutrition have we wondered?

Sugar is such a powerful drug.If you don’t believe me, sugar-fast for a few months and then have a big gulp. That’s what I did a few years back and have restricted my sugar intake ever since. I was bouncing off the walls like I did a few lines of cocaine and learned to respect the power of sugar. I cant believe parents give it to their children as a part of their normal diet.

When a community works as much as average American citizens, stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, taurine (energy drinks), nicotine, and an over-abundance of imagescarbohydrates is needed. I know, I used to live that way, and it really made me sick, not to mention depressed.

That being said I’ve been partaking in fast-food, processed frozen foods, pizza, chicken wings, fried whatever, and lots of beer lately. I’m putting on weight at the speed of light and feel sick throughout the day as I munch on Tums and drink Alka-Seltzer for relief. My stomach keeps me up at night and I crave home-made bread, hummus, fresh fish, and most of all the peace of the sea.

The bottom line is I, as I’m traveling and it’s the same that happens most people who work all day, just don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy food, and after a while bad eating habits just become “normal”. Also here in the states going out to overeat junk and drink is a social activity, and a way people connect with their friends. Better to cook clean food at home for the people we care about?

110703_Independence_Day_Luncheon_2011_14 I keep a large bag of Italian hard salami, a block of hard cheese, and dried fruits and nuts in my backpack. I can pull over and have some real food wherever, and whenever I want. I need to get back to living out of my backpack as i travel.

I have a funny story. When I was on the bus from New York City to Washington DC, I pulled out a small butcher knife on the bus to cut a piece of meat and cheese. The woman next to me just about jumped out of her skin with fear like I was going to try and take over the bus and slit everyone’s throat. I just looked at her and said “Really, I’m just having lunch, relax”!

IMG_0298 My adventures being back in the states are continuing and I’m actually thinking of getting a drivers license when I’m in Florida. That kind of commitment is huge for me. All I have now is a passport, no mailing address, or bills :) So what’s the deal with health care? Am I eligible for it? I know I can get care in Argentina if anything catastrophic happens, but it might be nice to be eligible for health care here too?

Anyway My Momma D is having a family reunion for me tonight and I’ll spend the night with family I haven’t seen since I was 14, should be fun!

Peace, love, and Coconuts.

Sail far and live slowly.


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Updated: December 17, 2014 — 08:19


  1. Finally warm in Ft Lauderdale

    1. I got with the necessary weather people to make it comfortable while you’re here!

      Well that, and I’m off for a while and want to go putz around in the sunshine! I hate hitting my favorite breakfast spots in the rain!!

      1. Thanks for the sunshine, i’m loving it!!!

  2. Doing what I can!! This is the time of year I love living in Fort Lauderdale!

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