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 "Project BlueSphere" is an interactive television, Internet, reality based, "docu-travel" adventure show. It is produced on  DV & HDV video, edited onboard, and mastered for DVD sales."Project BlueSphere" will be produced in 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Searching for the boat. Together we will search Atlantic Canada, and the eastern seaboard for the perfect little sailboat. She will be between 28 and 32 feet in length, and will we a stout blue-water sailing vessel.

Phase 2 - "Outfitting and preparing" for a circumnavigation. At this stage we will outfit, choose and install equipment, repair, and re-rig the ship for her five year voyage.

* Phase 3 - "Cruising the Planet". Each day a 2-4 minute Captains log will be recorded, and cut into the days video footage. The footage will vary and stay interesting based on a continuous stream of new locations and guests. We will interview people of different cultures, dive many different locations, test new sailing & dive gear, and generally have a good time while making the first on-line sailing, reality based, "docu-travel" show. "Project BlueSphere" will rely heavily on its web-site as subscribers will be communicating with the ship and getting interactive information only available on the internet.

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